At Hunnimoss Films, we know the importance of company image.

Our creative passion, attention to detail and 4K UHD filming, delivers our clients a unique, personalised package with content that visually complements their business aesthetic.


Maximise your corporate events with our video production team and showcase your online presence in 4K glory.

Our expert crew will generate audience-engaging content that is professionally edited, colour graded and optimised for an array of digital platforms. Allowing you to sit back, relax and just click 'post'.


Let Hunnimoss films connect you to the people that matter most and broadcast your live event with no technical stress.

We cover a variety of events that include:

Explainer Videos

Advertising Shoots

Marketing Campaigns


Lifestyle Content


and so much more.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Don't worry - we are used to catering to bespoke ideas.

If you'd like to discuss your brief further, then get in touch!


At Hunnimoss Films, no stone goes unturned when it comes to filming. That's why we follow a comprehensive production process to get your idea from start to finish.

Take a look at our process below and get in touch today to book your free consultation.


During your free consultation, we’ll outline our production process and discuss your brief and requirements.

What's Included?

Online 1-2-1 Meeting

Here at Hunnimoss, we use Zoom for our video meetings as all calls are end-to-end encrypted.

First Estimate

After our 1-2-1, we build your First Estimate to your requirements, specifications and budget. Outlining what you need for your cinematic video.


Here at Hunnimoss Films, we have 4 stages of pre-production to get your project ready for filming. This efficient workflow ensures that you'll get the cinematic production you desire, with no stress. 

The 4 Stages

Stage 1
Client Workshop

During our Client Workshop, we’ll develop and refine your idea together. After this, Hunnimoss Films will design your Production Pack. Tailor-made to your specifications, our bespoke pack will outline the process of your production, building client identity, essence and style. 


Stage 2
Production Review

At stage 2, we’ll review the production pack and discuss any further suggestions or tweaks you may have to finalise the overall identity of the video. After this, we can set the date for filming and begin planning your production, Huzzah!


Stage 3
Progress Report

At stage 3, Hunnimoss Films will update you on the current production status. Here we can discuss any final recommendations that would benefit your production. Giving you the opportunity to add any extra features to the production.

Stage 4
Final Sign Off

As we approach filming day, we’ll touch base 1-2 weeks before filming to allow for any last-minute adjustments you’d like to make. Once complete, we'll email you the final Planning & Call Sheet.


Thanks to our pre-production prep, our shoot days run like clockwork.  With carefully selected equipment, we capture every shot we need with accurate precesision. Leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Take a look at what we can provide for your shoot day.


Lightning. Cameras. Drones. Gimbals. Tripods. Autocue.
Microphones. Sound/Vision Mixers. Set. Props.
Camera Operators. Floor/Stage Managers. AV Technicians. Photographers.
Actors. Extras. Presenters.


In this final stage, we edit, colour grade and add audio/visual effects to your video. Once complete, we will deliver your high-resolution video that's specifically optimised for the platform of your choice via our shared Dropbox Account.

Editing Framework 

Edit Hours

Rough Cut

Finished Video

1 Month Dropbox Access

6 months of server storage