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The saying 'Mise-en-scène' translates to 'setting the scene.' It's used in film to describe how on-screen elements come together for an overall effect on an audience. For the last 20 years, we've worked across live TV and online platforms developing this art form. Edward travelled the world filming social media content for big brands such as Heineken, Gilette and Adidas, whilst Lauren directs & vision mixes a variety of live television programmes for Sky, BT and the BBC.

Today, online video has an audience reach of 92% worldwide, with 54% of consumers wanting more video content from brands or businesses they support. That's huge! The demand for online video is greater than ever before and highlights the importance of illustrating your company's business image, your mise-en-scène.

Since 2020, our vision has been to build a video production company that accurately depicts our clients with high-quality content filmed in a cinematic style. And with our team of broadcast-leading professionals, we'll capture your ideas and turn them into an outstanding 4k reality.

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